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Nuestra filosofía como organizadores se basa en el trabajo en equipo y en un alto nivel de exigencia. Consideramos primordial una buena relación personal con el cliente, conseguir la confianza para desarrollar e implantar los proyectos lúdicos de una manera mucho más distendida. Para lograrlo ofrecemos servicios personalizados, con una respuesta rápida, efectiva y creativa a las inquietudes o ideas que puedan tener, para optimizar los resultados del evento o trabajo a coordinar.


jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

[Reglas] Duelsoft Rules

It supports any weapon, type Nerf, with a charger maximum of 6 darts.
It is recommended that the two weapons are the same model. The judge of duelling will decide whether weapons brought by duellist not belonging to the organization, whether they are adequate.

In case of not bring weapons of Nerf, the Judge of duels have the provide to the godfathers of the duellists.

Life Points
Participants will have 2 life points at the beginning of the mourning.
They will lose a life point for each impact that inflicts them his opponent, above the waist.

The Duel
The godfathers of duels from approaching the Judge of duels and collect the weapons and ammunition from the duellists.

The duelling will be placed next to each other in front of the Judge of Duels and the Godfathers of Duels loaded ammunition in the weapons and prepare to be fired. The Judge of Duelling will review the weapons, will give its imprimatur to the same, restoring the arms to the Godfathers of Duels, and recalling the basic rules to the duellists.

The duelling will be placed back to back. The Godparents of Duels surrender of arms ready to be fired at the duellists. The Judge of Duels will have up to five, with each account number, the Duellists is a step away from his rival.

When the last step (which counts as number five) the Duellists are rotated and begin to shoot your opponent. The first of the Duellists to lose the 2 lives will die and therefore, you will lose the duel. This "count" is performed by the Godfather of Duel of the opponent.

Not The Duellists can be moved from site, or separate the feet off the ground, or bending over, or Dodge Darts of foam. If any of the Duellists moves voluntarily to not be reached, you will lose automatically in mourning.

Types of Duels.
The duels can be performed in two different ways; by tournament and the duel of honor.

All those who wish to participate will be recorded in the registry, with your name and the godfather of mourning (that may well be another participant with the not being confronted). Pairing at each round will be at random. Each player who has been removed, then it will not be passed to the next round, since it was understood that has been "dead" or seriously wounded as to continue in the tournament.

The winner of the same will be the Duellist that has not died in any of the knockout rounds. They will receive the corresponding certificate of handle and excellent professional Duellist of the Convention. The Duellist that has been in second position, "died" in final against the winner, you will receive the diploma of handle and experienced Duellist of the Convention. The Duellist fallen compared to the finalists will receive the diploma of Duelling with Honor. The rest of Duellist will get the corresponding diploma that accredit as Duellist of the Convention.

Duel of Honor
During the times between duels of the tournament, any wizard to the convention may settle their "disagreements" with another wizard, using the same system as the tournament, so each Duellist shall bring a Godfather of Duel, who will make the relevant preparations for the duel, compared to the Judge of Duels of the contest. In this case, the Duellist must explain to the present to the duel, using a staging, the reason for the "disagreement" (while that represent him, no Judge of Duels will oppose this mourning), as a preliminary step to "convince" the Judge of Duels to be able to use the field of honor, to resolve such disagreement.

This type of Duellist does not receive any type of diploma, but to enjoy the reputation of the triumph of its dispute with the opponent.

By Salva Rosselló

Licencia Creative Commons

Licencia de Creative Commons

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